Beehive treatments and feeders

Today we added mite treatments and top feeders to all of our beehives, preparing them for fall and winter.

I didn’t take many pictures today, since we were doing the same thing to all of them. Here’s a top feeder (the white box); it contains a trough where sugar syrup can be added (1:1 sugar and water currently, with a health additive); the bees can access it from inside the hive via a mesh in the middle:

Adding feeder to beehive

Behind the scenes:

Behind hives

All hives with the top feeders, ready for fall and winter:

All hives

All hives

Cedar, Hot Pink, and Orange hives:

Cedar, Hot Pink, and Orange hives

Purple, Turquoise, and Yellow hives:

Purple, Turquoise, Yellow hives

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