More ducklings day 22 (start of week 4)

Today is the start of the ducklings’ fourth week, which is when they get to go out into the run (which I did a day early), and can have a bit deeper water in the pool, though still only the shallow paint tray one. Next week they’ll get the kiddie pool.

They seem comfortable with the run now. They headed out even before I finished opening the doors. They’re definitely less skittish than the previous ducklings; they don’t scamper when I open the run gate and crouch down right next to them. Which is nice, though not a great survival instinct; hopefully they’ll be more cautious with raccoons that approach them in the future.

Tasty mud:

Tasty mud

A duckling, plus several ducks visiting outside the run:

Duckling and ducks

Hey Betty:

Hey Betty

Leafy treats:

Leafy treats

Leafy treats

Leafy treats

Leafy treats

If you look closely, you may notice the start of some feathers on the Rouen:


Flapping wings:

Duckling wings

Duckling wings

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