More ducklings day 35

One of the things I brought yesterday from the homestead to Mom’s place was the duckling kiddie pool, which I set up today in the trailer pen:

Kiddie pool

One of the Rouens was first into the new pool, closely followed by the Khaki Campbell (aka the little brown duckling… not so little or uniformly brown anymore):

First into the new pool

First into new pool

Two in the water. I only filled it ankle-deep initially; I’ll make it a little deeper over the next few days, until it’s completely full, to let them get used to it. They should be able to swim about now, but it’s best to ease them into it:

Two in the water

More in the pool, and splashing about:

More in the pool

All but one in the pool:

All but one in the pool

Since the Blue Swedish has the gimpy leg, I don’t think she would be able or comfortable climbing that far, so I’m keeping the paint tray pool for her (yes, it’s still gimpy; no better yet, but no worse either):

New and old pools

Blue Swedish by paint tray pool

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