More ducklings day 44

Yesterday was the first day of week 7 for the ducklings, which means they are in their last week in the duck house and run. I normally (in as much as having done so twice) let them into the pond in week 8. Basically I wait for them to be fully feathered, which they aren’t quite yet, but should be in a week.

It’s leafy treat time, with Betty outside the run enjoying one too:


A Rouen eyeing me before hopping in the pool:


You can see the growth of the feathers on the brown Khaki Campbell; it’s fascinating how the feathers grow as white pins then sprout from their tips:


Here, let me zoom in on her so you can see better:

Duckling zoom

Betty is often fascinated by the ducklings:


Swimming duckling and ducks:


Four Rouens:


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