Cat update for week ending September 19

We plan to go home today. We’re still at evacuation level 1 (“be ready”), but things are looking sufficiently contained near us, and improving, so hopefully we won’t need to evacuate again. The air quality has significantly improved, too.

Like yesterday’s Flock Friday, I was able to capture some pictures of the feral cats via the remote connection to my cameras.

Here’s a cat in the feeder:


And another, with a bunch of leaves for company:

Leafy feeder

A cat coming out of the feeder:

Cat outside

Two cats:

Two cats

And again (I think this is Poppy and Porcini):

Two cats

Cozy cabin time:


Porcini waiting for food; I remotely dispensed some moments later:


Poppy, Pommie, Poppa:

Poppy, Pommie, Poppa

Fall doesn’t officially start till Tuesday, but the trees are getting a head start on that.

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