More ducklings day 39 (plus evacuation update)

We are home again now. Currently getting unpacked, and throwing out thousands of dollars of food from our fridges and freezers that spoiled while the power was out (for several days). That hurts. At least we have eggs for dinner! Three dozen waiting for us in the coop.

But it’s good to be home (and have a home to come back to), though we’re still at evacuation level 1 (“be ready”), so this isn’t over yet. Things seem to be improving, though.

Here’s one last picture of the ducklings in the trailer pen:


Mucking out the trailer pen, after putting the ducklings back in the vented containers:

Mucking out trailer pen

Mucking out trailer pen

Here are the ducklings in the containers after getting home; I only stacked them to carry them to the duck house:

Ducklings in containers

Back in their run; they were keen to have a bath after that three hour trip:



I’ll set up the bigger pool tomorrow.

Heading back into the duck house, with some fresh straw:


Ducklings and ducks:

Ducklings and ducks

The ducks were very happy to see me; they’d eaten all of the food I’d dumped out for them, as expected.

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