More duck(ling) names

Back in July I did a post titled “Duck(ling) names”, where I included one picture of the previous batch of ducklings, soon before they went into the pond for the first time, and gave information about their breeds and the names we chose for them.

I’ve been meaning to do that for the six new female ducklings too. So here we go.

As you may recall, there was a mystery about the breed of the duck in the foreground of the following picture. Turns out, she is a “Silver / Splashed Swedish” duck, a less common variation. (Information from the hatchery, and replies to a Reddit post I made; see that for more info.) Not what was expected, but these things happen. I mentioned before that one of the followers of this blog called her Sassa; we like that name, so that is what we’re going with. She will join the Blue Swedish Sven and Sonja.

The other duck unlike the others is the Khaki Campbell, the little brown duck in the center. Our older Khaki Campbells are named Clyde and Cora, again following the convention of naming with an initial letter for the breed, and name from the region of origin. So the new one is named Clara.

Finally, we have four Rouens, which we are naming Rosa, Roxy, Riva, and Ruby. Their male counterpart is Rémy. Though we’ll probably continue to just call them the Rouen girls, since we can’t tell them apart (yet, at least).


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