The Jays love their peanuts

I put a handful of raw whole peanuts in a tray for the wild birds every day. The Steller’s Jays and Scrub Jays love them, hardly waiting for me to leave before diving down and grabbing one or two. They take them elsewhere to open and eat; we find peanut shells under trees all over the homestead.

One thought on “The Jays love their peanuts

  1. Crows love peanuts too. I have a pair that know which apartment I live in and follow me to my car when I leave because they know I keep peanuts in it. I used to feed the crows at work before I retired last year. Each morning they would gather around my car and not let me pass until I tossed them each a nut. At the end of the day they would fly back to the building when they heard the closing alarm test bell ring. If one lagged behind, he would fly alongside my car as I entered the busy street to beg me to stop!

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