More ducklings day 41

Today for the ducklings, some stretching of wings, fun splashes, and a GIF.

A Rouen stretching her wings; still some feather growth to go, but getting there (with the older ducks visible in the pond):


Like water off a duck’s back:

Like water off a duck's back

Water again

A Rouen stepping on up to the pool, and Betty stepping up to the fence from the pond:

Stepping on up



The Khaki Campbell flapping her wings too; a little behind in growth, but also getting there:


An animated GIF of three ducks swimming in circles:


3 thoughts on “More ducklings day 41

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  2. Those girls sure like the water. How is the Blue Swedish (I call her Sassa) doing? I notice she has not gone in the pool. How’s her foot?

    Also, how are the older ducklings getting along. Is there still the battle between Bert and Sven? Has Bert developed a gray head and neck? Will Betty be able to contain herself until the new ducklings join the pond?

    The soap opera continues!

    1. The Blue Swedish is still a bit gimpy, but seems to be coping. The older Blue Swedish weren’t overly into water either, until they went into the pond. The older ducks are doing fine; Bert seems to have stopped picking on others, as far as I’ve seen. Bert is indeed changing color, as are some others (you can see him in the pond in the “splashes” picture); I’ll try to get better pictures of them for Flock Friday.

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