More ducklings day 42

A focus on food today for the ducklings.

But first, I opened up the duck house and topped up water (the paint tray pool goes in the duck house while it is closed up overnight):


Ducklings and ducks watching each other:

Ducklings and ducks

This morning I gave them some leafy treats as usual:

Leafy treats

Then after lunch I gave them some partially-frozen peas; ducks love all sorts of green treats:



I also refilled their food jug. They are fed a mix of brewer’s yeast (for niacin), raw rolled oats (to reduce the protein ratio), and non-medicated start & grow feed (until they start laying eggs, then will be switched to layer feed like the chickens):


Adding some oats and yeast to the jug; I add a couple of large scoops of feed, then oats and yeast, then more feed, and so on, to mix them together. This jug normally goes into the top of the feeder tube, though I’m also using it to dispense food into a dish for the older ducks until they can all eat from the duck house again:


Finally, some ducks coming around the side of the duck house to say hi to the ducklings:

Ducks and ducklings

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